Welcome to Marin Nutrition and Health

“Drink more water!”
“Eat more vegetables!”
Great nutrition advice, but what do these seemingly simple “rules” really mean?
How do you measure more? And how much more is enough? And why?

Most approaches to nutrition dwell on regimen—measuring calories, carbs, fats, and proteins, and relying on lists of restrictions and good and bad foods. I believe there’s a better, more fulfilling way. I’ve seen too many people fall back into old patterns and habits because their routines are just too complicated, or too much of a hassle.

Why Choose Marin Nutrition and Health

As a nutritionist, I embrace simplicity and “bio-individuality,” the concept that no two people are alike. Drawing from all the major dietary theories, I create individualized, easy-to-follow plans that put your health goals within reach.

In a fun, supportive environment, I will motivate you to embrace a happy, healthy, robust life.