“I was forever thinking about changing my diet and improving my overall weight/health. After I met Tammy and started working with her, I immediately started seeing results that have now lasted for almost one year. What makes Tammy so effective is she motivates you for success and you never feel like you are giving up anything. I am able to reach Tammy whenever I need to if I have a question or if I am at the grocery store and I have a question about a particular food. I highly recommend Marin Nutrition and Health. You will just feel and look better very quickly and you will not feel deprived or hungry.” ~Dave, CEO

“Tammy is an amazing nutritionist and health coach. She helped me get my blood pressure and weight back to normal from a dangerous high level. Within 3 months I lost 30 pounds and reduced the dangers of stroke. Her program has got my health back on a good track. I highly recommend Marin Nutrition and Health for your wellness coaching.” ~GD

“I am a muscle therapist and have worked in the wellness industry for over eight years. I found Tammy through one of my clients who had lost 30lbs. following her program. Additionally, the textural condition of his muscle and soft tissue had also greatly improved, which impressed me even more than the weight loss. I decided to call Tammy to see what she could do for me. My goals were: 1. Lose 10lbs: I had carried an extra 10lbs for about 10 years after the birth of my kids. I wanted to get back to my pre-baby weight. 2. Energy levels: I was feeling sluggish in the afternoons and had trouble focusing on my work. 3. Get rid of a little, chronic cough I've had for years. I worked with Tammy for about 10 weeks. I met with her in person 3 times and had several phone check-ins and a few texts for when I had questions. Her program was clear and easy to understand. Results: weight loss, improved energy, better sleep, less anxiety, old bad habits broken, renewed enthusiasm for cooking, kids and husband eating more vegetables. 1. I lost 20lbs! My clothes are hanging on me and I feel amazing. I am down to a weight that I was in my 20s. I have gotten many compliments from others, but best of all, I feel more like 'me'. 2. Energy: My energy level is great and steady all day. I do not have afternoon slumps and my focus is improved (and this is without a drop of coffee!). 3. The little cough: still there, so maybe it's environmental allergies or maybe even just a habit? I don't know. 4. but wait! There's more! BONUSES I have been sleeping so well since I started her program! Within the first week I was sleeping through the night, something I hadn't done in months. I also fell asleep quickly something I didn't even know was possible for me. On the rare occasion I'd wake up in the middle of the night I didn't experience anxious thoughts that used to keep me up (and worried) for hours. Old habits broken: I didn't realize how many bad food habits I had. I generally eat healthy but Tammy's program exposed some weak points I hadn't recognized but that needed to change. Changing old habits meant finding new ways to satiate in a healthy way. I took a renewed interest in food, first in desperation to find replacements for my old snacks and meals, and then because breaking those habits opened up a new world of possibilities and I discovered many new foods and recipes. I enjoyed cooking again! I take the lead with making dinner in our family and while my kids and husband continued with their usual foods, I was able to introduce new meals that included far more vegetables than we used to eat and they liked it! I am very pleased with my results in working with Tammy. I reached my goals but received even more benefit than I expected. The investment in working with her is well worth your time, energy and resources. I highly recommend her!” ~Kristen T

“I considered myself a heathy and active person, but I also knew I needed a little extra support to reach my personal weight and fitness goals! I felt like I had plateaued and was not seeing any results on my own. Tammy was awesome to work with! She had the perfect guidance and helped me make the exact shifts I needed! I valued her knowledge and inspiring approach! I loved that I could check in with her at anytime during the program! I feel great and I will continue to use her as a resource!” ~HS

“I don't do many reviews but felt it was important to review Marin Nutrition and Health because of the success it has brought me. Tammy is great and very responsive, my weight is a lifelong struggle and have lost and gained weight over the years. This time I was having a hard time with it because what worked for me in the past was not working this go around. A friend of mine told me about Marin Nutrition and Health , I figured I should give it a shot. Tammy had a one on one with me and put me on a program, 3 weeks in and the results are the best ever even when I was younger when I was able to work out with much more intensity. I've lost 16 pounds in 3 weeks and my energy level has improved greatly. Anyone that is overweight and are not a gym nut I highly recommend Marin Nutrition and Health, you are committed to following the program and are somewhat active expect immediate results without too much of a lifestyle change. With the pace I'm on I expect to reach my weight goal before the 12 week program ends. I have to say regarding weight loss this is the best decision I have ever made. I'm very grateful to Marin Nutrition and Health and highly recommend their service.” ~David H

“Tammy was referred to me by a few friends who had seen great success with her program. Her program helped jump start a need for a lifelong change in my relationship with food. I have learned about whole food nutrition and the damaging effects of sugar. Tammy has been there for me 24/7 and is so much more than a "nutritionist". I lost 15 lbs the first 3 weeks and the weight continued to drop. After 3 months I was down 37 lbs. another 5 weeks and I was down 50 lbs. This program works and I feel GREAT! Her desire to help people achieve a healthy and clean lifestyle is a passion and she truly is AMAZING!!! I highly recommend her.” ~Sonya D

“I had always been able to control my weight until I hit menopause and then I hit the wall and couldn't loose the weight no matter what diet I tried. It seemed so much harder to loose one pound. My brother had been a client of Tammy and he was always telling me how great her program was and how attentive and helpful she was along his journey. I decided that I would just go for it and I'm so very glad that I did. Tammy gave me a real world diet which was very doable in my life. No weighting, no measuring, simple, clean. I can take my lunch with me every day. I felt accountable and lost more weight than I ever imagined and best of all I did not starve or crave or feel deprived. I love the healthy food and now I also understand nutrition better. Tammy gave me great advice on supplements, she is very knowledgeable, helpful and motivational and I have absolutely no hesitancy in recommending her to anyone who feels like they need that extra support. You just have to sign on and be accountable and just do it and you will be so glad that you did. I will use her program forever and when I falter I can just jump back in and get back on track. You will not regret hiring Tammy she is really great. ” ~Caroline H

“Tired of the yo-yo diets? I was.... I’ve tried every diet out there BUT for the first time in 30 years, Marin Nutrition and Health has opened a NEW door for me. My first 2-weeks I lost 9lbs. But I'm now on week 5 and I am down 14lbs. That is a lot of weight! And I'm doing moderate exercise. I'm in my early 50's going through menopause, so losing weight has been challenging. You need to check out Marin Nutrition and Health's 3-month program. I have never been HAPPIER and my energy is through the roof! Tammy - you're my new BFF. ” ~PB

“I had always had a weight problem. There was an emotional component that I could not kick to the curb. Tammy was a godsend. She gave me the tools so I was finally able to understand what I was doing to my body by feeding it all this poison. She helped me change that. I would recommend Tammy to anyone who is looking for a better quality of life. She is absolutely fantastic and so knowledgeable. From learning more about water to what will fuel your body to make you the best you, she truly is the greatest!” ~Alexa

“My wife and I met with Tammy to better understand food and nutrients and hopefully walk away with a better understanding of how to be more efficient and consistent with our food choices. It’s a very confusing landscape of advice out there, and we have had a piecemeal approach to diets over the years. Tammy was awesome. Not only was she knowledgeable but most important, she challenged us to think about food in a whole different way. She helped us put together a plan and purchase some important foods and nutrients. Our primary goal was to be more mindful of what we eat and in the process hopefully lose weight. Tammy said we could easily meet our weight goals (mine was 15 lbs). I was skeptical on the weight but embraced the changes to my diet and the results were awesome. We both met our weight goals within 3 months! But, the important thing is that I feel that I can maintain the weight because I fully embrace the changes to my lifestyle, which will be with me for a lifetime. Working with Tammy for only a few short sessions will likely be one of the best decisions I have made.” ~Andrew

“I’m giving a HUGE shout out to my nutritionist, Tammy Hedberg, who has helped me greatly. I’ve made easy changes that have turned around my life. My mood, outlook, confidence, energy level and a bonus — I’ve dropped almost 15 pounds. I feel like a different person emotionally and physically.” ~Kate

“I believe people come to our lives with a purpose. While Tammy walked me through a change in my lifestyle, I encountered a delicate situation in my life. Thanks to Tammy’s guidance, I am handling everything well. I’m sleeping better at night and my shoulders are not in pain due to stress. With Tammy’s weight-loss program, I have also lost 15 pounds in less than three months. I am forever grateful and will continue my journey with Tammy!” ~Mirsonia

“Tammy helped me recover from a back injury by recommending nutrition and supplements to speed up recovery. I had noticed that bouncing back from injuries was taking longer as I got older. When I threw my back out about a year ago, I had a very hard time getting back in form. By offering great advice on focused nutrition and supplements, I was able to get back to training in about two weeks, compared to the recommended two months off strenuous activities by my doctor. I am very grateful for the advice, which got me back in the gym in very short time.” ~Jonas

“Two years ago, Tammy changed my life through her vast knowledge of nutrition. Her plans are easy to follow and give amazing results. I was stuck, and she gave me tools and information that vastly made my life healthier almost immediately. I lost weight and gained so much energy. She’s careful to not overwhelm you with too much information too fast. Today, I continue to live by her creed of simple healthy wellness, and I’m forever thankful. Contact her today — you will not be disappointed!” ~Cheryl

“I’ve spoken many times with Tammy about the subject of nutrition, and I was extremely impressed. I’m considering Tammy to be one of the most knowledgeable persons I’ve talked with about the subject of nutrition, and as someone who was involved for many years in researching elements that impact consciousness I cannot recommend Tammy highly enough. She is smart, kind, compassionate and her beautiful, loving, positive energy is a healing force by itself. ” ~Uri

“I met Tammy when I attended a Health Day workshop at the office to raise awareness of Wellness and Prevention practices. Working with Tammy’s consultation and checkpoints for advice and accountability has delivered the results. My primary health goals are maintaining healthy weight and cardiovascular functions. When I met Tammy, I weighed 212 lbs. I am now down to 188 lbs and well on the way to my initial target of 185 lbs (or less). My blood pressure and heart rate are in the middle of the normal range (down from the high end). I am so pleased with my progress I am extending Tammy’s service to help me move from mid-normal to optimal. More important than the numbers, I feel great and now have the awareness and the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle over time. As an added bonus, Tammy suggested that I begin a Yoga practice to go the final miles for weight loss, improve cardio performance, and generally strengthen and balance my body. I followed her advice and am loving yoga more than I ever would have imagined! I highly recommend Tammy’s expertise and service to anyone who wants to improve nutrition, wellness, and fitness. Wherever you start the journey, Tammy will help you go further, faster.” ~Bob

“Tammy has been an expert adviser to my family on nutrition and wellness. She started by teaching us how to supplement our diet correctly, particularly for sports and athletics. We hadn’t been eating enough fruits and vegetables for the amount of time we were spending exercising. Tammy showed us that in reality, it’s the carbohydrates, especially from natural sources like fruit, which give our bodies the energy to sustain cardiovascular endurance. As my daughter was growing up, she didn’t particularly enjoy eating fruit or veggies. Tammy taught us how to incorporate wholesome fruits and vegetables into our lifestyle diet so that she liked the taste, which in turn helped balance her past nutritional deficiencies. All of the pointers taught by Tammy have made a huge difference in so many people’s lives. Thanks to Tammy, our family has eliminated some of the unhealthy artery-clogging fats and brought in more of the good natural fats, such as avocados. Our family is so much happier and healthier with her help!” ~Shannon

“Tammy Hedberg has been a vital part of my personal health and wellness journey. Being a competitive athlete and nutrition enthusiast, I speak with her weekly about foods that will enrich my body and help my sports performance. She always takes the time to sit down with me and share her wisdom. I recently was diagnosed with gout by an orthopedic surgeon and turned immediately to Tammy for nutritional advice. After a very thorough session, she implemented an appropriate diet that helps me avoid the “trigger foods” and ensures that I consume specific supplements, minerals, and vitamins. Through her expertise, I experienced relief in 24 hours. With the nutritional guidance and counseling I have been given by Tammy, my athletic performance has improved as well as my overall well-being. I will continue to work with her to gather additional nutritional advice while I continue to compete and stay in top shape all around.” ~Christianne